Pakistan’s Nabaa Naveed accepted into Cancer Research Program at University of Alabama

Nabaa Naveed

Proud moment for Pakistan as US-based Undergraduate Student Nabaa Naveed becomes the first Pakistani and international student to be selected for the CRISP Cancer Research Program in the United States. 

The media reported that the highly competitive CRISP Cancer Research Program was arranged for undergraduate students who showed willingness in cancer research and allied health fields. 

A stipend is also given to the nominated students and the program will run for 8-weeks. 

Nabaa Naveed is currently doing her Bachelor’s degree in Biology from The University of Alabama at Birmingham

“UAB has the best educational resources to help me achieve my goal of becoming a doctor. I have access to top-notch professors and career counseling services that not only will help me achieve my academic goals but also help me polish my personality. 

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I tell other Pakistani students that if they are passionate about something then they should do it, and live their “American dream” because I know that I’m living mine. People will tell them that the “sky is the limit” but the sky is just the start, and they should not let anyone or anything stop them from making their dreams a reality,” she added. 

Expressing her feelings about getting out into the program, Nabaa Naveed said, “Today I want to share my first professional research experience at UAB as an international student. During this past summer, I got selected for the CRISP program (cancer research immersion student program) at UAB. I had the opportunity to work in the Alexander lab which focuses on neuro-muscular disorders and the immense pleasure of being mentored by Dr. Matthew Alexander himself. 

My project focused on a gene called FKRP and two very deadly and rare diseases/mutations called LGMD21 (limb-girdle muscular dystrophy) and WWS (Walker Warburg Syndrome) which have no cure in the world. 
This was truly an experience worth living and having myself being challenged on many levels I thought I couldn’t, helped me discover my passion for science.” 

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