Pakistani writer Aysal Waheed published six books on Amazon at the age of 11

Aysal Waheed

Pakistani creative writer Aysal Waheed has efficaciously published six books on Amazon at the tender age of 11.

It has been informed from the report that five out of six books are solo, whereas one of them is an anthology. Aysal’s solo books accessible on Amazon are A Day In The Life of A Pencil, Trough The Portal, etc. She not only has a passion to write books but also contributes to magazines and newspapers actively.  

At present Aysal, in the 6th grade, partakes in numerous competitions that take place globally and at home. Recently, she secured 4th position in the international Bulgarian Creative Writing Competition 2020. Her marvelous presentation earned her thankfulness from the Bulgarian ambassador present in Pakistan.

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While talking about her passion in one of her blog posts for a publication, she remarks she got an ideal chance to attend a workshop structured by Pakistan Science Club in collaboration with “Ideas Technovation Lab.”

She says, “It was organized to help girls identify problems in our society and provide solutions using artificial intelligence. The workshop itself was really informative and fun, but the best part was meeting girls my age who were interested in artificial intelligence as well.”

Moreover, Aysal Waheed is an extraordinary academic girl. She spends her vacant time reading, she loves horse riding and basketball. She is affectionate in public acting, speaking, and editing.

16-Year-Old Maryam Arif is Stimulating as One of Pakistan’s Youngest Entrepreneurs, Scientists, and Writers.

Maryam Arif is a 16-year-old young Pakistani entrepreneur, scientist, and writer. At this young age, she has positively driven her splendor business on Daraz, which is Pakistan’s largest online marketplace.

She is a self-published writer of eight books with her name, while three are coloring books. Some of her well-known books include Unlimited Power, Make money by Blogging, The secret of achieving more, Growth from Fear, Reasons, and morals.

Such talents should be encouraged and praised to raise their morals as they are the pride of the country.

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