Pakistani mango exports to China increase tenfold to 37.4 tonnes in Jan-Sept

mango exports

Pakistani mango exports to China saw an increase of more than 10 times as Pakistan sent 37.4 tonnes of fresh and dried mangoes to China from January to September 2021. During the same period in 2020 the exports were 3.6 tonnes. 

According to the details accumulated by China Economic Net (CEN), this export is still less than 0.36 percent of China’s total imports of 10,500 tonnes of mangoes from January to September. 

In the current year, the price of Sindhri mangoes was 168 yuan (4,500 rupees) in China for 4.5 kg, 98 yuan (2625 rupees) for 2.5 kg, and almost 40 yuan (1071 rupees)/kg. Though, during the same period, the rate of mangoes in Panzhihua, Sichuan Province, China was about one-third of the former. 

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Further details revealed that as compared to Australian mangoes valued at Rs 2145/kg, Pakistani mangoes are not costly in China. 

Regarding the price of mangoes, the controller of Joy Wing Mau Fruit Technologies Corporation Limited said that price is not a problem, high quality is the key. 

China’s trade in mangoes from Peru and Australia can be traded for 300-400 yuan (8034-10712 rupees) in 5kg packs, which are very much expensive than mango exports, however, sales are still very good. 

“Because of the high degree of industrialization of Australian mangoes, they are just ripe when being shipped to China with good quality. However, when Pakistani mangoes are shipped to China, the maturity of the fruit is different, and the appearance and packaging of fruit are also restraining factor. To ensure the maturity and appearance of each box is the key to boost sales.” 

Besides this, the packaging is also an important aspect of mango sales. At the CIIE, the crabapple that is wrapped in round transparent plastic appealed the consideration of many consumers, and they showed their will to buy. 
The controller of the compartment said that this is packaging designed for traveling, which makes it more appropriate to transfer. 

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