Pakistan Clinches Victory Over Maldives in Intense Five-Nation Basketball Tournament

Pakistan Five-Nation Basketball Tournament

The Pakistani national basketball team clinched a riveting victory against the Maldives during their second encounter in the ongoing, highly anticipated five-nation tournament. This significant Friday clash saw the Pakistani team, often referred to as the Men in Green, narrowly securing a 65-63 triumph against the host nation. 

This victory marked Pakistan’s first success in international basketball competition after a seven-year dry spell. 

From the outset, the Pakistani team exhibited a strong command over the game, seizing an initial lead that they managed to hold throughout the first three quarters. The team demonstrated commendable coordination and adeptness on the court, skillfully executing their plays and underscoring their potential in the continuing tournament. 

Faced with a mounting deficit, the Maldivian side mounted a relentless attack, capitalizing on a brief lapse in the Pakistani team’s focus. Nonetheless, the Men in Green exhibited tremendous resilience and calm, managing to endure the heightened pressure and maintain their slender lead until the game’s climactic end. 

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Pakistani team veteran Zain ul Hasan Khan led the charge with an outstanding performance, contributing a significant 22 points to the team’s final tally. Also playing a pivotal role in the team’s victory were Zia ur Rehman, who scored an impressive 15 points, and Ahmed Amad, who finished the game with 13 points. 

Looking ahead, the Pakistani team is set to compete against Bhutan, followed by a face-off with Bangladesh in this five-nation tournament. 

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