Pakistan 15th most powerful country in Asia owing to gains in diplomatic influence

Pakistan powerful country in Asia

Pakistan has been listed as the 15th most powerful country in Asia on the Lowy Institute Asia Power Index due to gains in diplomatic influence and improvements in future resources indicator.

As per the recently released report by Lowy Institute Asia Power Index, Pakistan has been listed the 15th most powerful country in Asia that aims to qualify and track the wealth and influence of 26 countries in the Asia-Pacific.

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According to the report, Pakistan saw its greatest improvement in economic capability, resilience, and diplomatic influence in 2020 getting an overall score of 15.2 out of 100. Pakistan’s negative power gap also improved in 2020.

The major improvement of Pakistan has been in future resource measures that place it on 7th rank reflecting an anticipated demographic dividend to 2050 whereas its lowest ranking is the economic relationships measure, coming in at 20th place.

The report further says that India lags far behind Pakistan in the said category as Prime Minister Imran Khan and his team has taken highly productive measures in order to improve the relations with other countries and also enhanced trade and economic ties.

The report stated that in 2020, Pakistan had the biggest gains in diplomatic influence with (+3.8) points. However, it lost some points in cultural influence with (−3.9). On the other hand, India lost the most points in cultural influence with (−5.3) points. Elsewhere, it trended down in future resources with (−4.9) points, economic relationships at (−2.9) points, and diplomatic influence with (−2.6) points.

Pakistan improved in resilience with (+1.3) points and future resources (+1.2) points while trending down in defense networks with (−1.9) points. Its military capability stood at (−0.8) points and economic relationships at (−0.2) points. The score for economic capability remained unchanged this year.

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