One in 1,000 develops minor reaction to Covid-19 vaccination

Covid-19 vaccine

More than 19,000 people have been inoculated against coronavirus in Islamabad and 1 in every 1,000 have faced minor effects after taking Covid-19 vaccination.  

According to the report, 1 in every 1,000 vaccinated people faced minor effects, whereas not a single hospital admission and mortality case has been reported yet. Also, there has been wastage of at least 160 vials of the vaccine due to some reasons. The vaccine is being administered at 14 adult vaccination centers (AVC) across the city.  

According to microbiologist Prof Dr. Javaid Usman, in the medical term, the reaction of vaccine and medicine is called “anaphylactic reaction” and one case in a thousand were quite normal.  

Moreover, 19,625 healthcare workers (HCWs) and senior citizens have been immunized in the federal capital. Prime Minister Imran Khan launched the Covid-19 vaccination campaign on 2nd Feb and the inoculation of frontline health workers was started the following day all over the country.  

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On 15th March, NCOC decided to permit people aged 70 and above to get themselves registered via the helpline 1166. As per documents, since 2nd March when the first case of an incident of adverse effect was observed in the Capital, the daily such incidents have been reported from at least one center and now overall 18 persons had developed effects.  

Prof Dr. Usman, while talking to the media told that 18 people had an effect following immunization which was quite normal. “The policy to keep people at vaccination centers was started in the United States as usually, the effect appears just after vaccination and by keeping people at vaccination centers it becomes possible to control them through medicines of allergy and asteroids,” he said. 

He added, “However, it should be kept in mind that sometimes heartbeat increases due to anxiety as people, during vaccination, keep thinking whether their decision to get vaccine was right or wrong. So people should get themselves vaccinated against Covid-19 to create herd immunity,”  

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