Nurses and police at high risk of contracting virus

Nurses and police

Nurses and police are at high risk of COVID-19. Nurses who are trying hard to treat infected patients get themselves infected and police who are trying to enforce government regulations in public spaces to prevent people from getting infected from the disease are also at higher risk.

According to a report, 150 healthcare workers working in many hospitals around the country were tested positive who were quarantined, when these nurses recovered, they were asked to come back on duties.

Parween was a nurse who was wearing a full protective suit and the mask continuously when working with the infected patients and a few weeks later she was tested positive in April. When she was interviewed, she said that she is highly scared if she is found positive again after recovering.

Assistant sub-inspector, Sher Gul Niazi, 48 years of age died yesterday, who was admitted to Dr. Ruth Pfau Civil Hospital Karachi in an isolation ward. He was diagnosed on 29th April and after a week he died yesterday. This has been the 3rd case of a policeman dying due to coronavirus. 150 more policemen have been so far diagnosed who were infected with the virus.

The government needs to take measures to properly equip nurses and police to keep them safe from Covid-19.

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