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Non-textile exports grow 23% to $5.75 billion in 1HFY22

Non textile exports

As per data of the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, the country’s non-textile exports went up by 23 percent year-on-year basis to $5.75 billion during the period from July to December in the last calendar year.

During the last fiscal year, the exports of leather garments, surgical instruments, and engineering items maintained the level of the exports despite the pressure of Covid-19 domestically and internationally.

The export of leather garments went up by 9.73 percent and the export of leather gloves grew by 9.19 percent during the first half of the current fiscal year. The export of raw leather also increased by 33.27 percent.

The surgical instrument of Pakistan which is remarked from the western countries with popular brands results in the high reduction of export value. The export of surgical items had negative growth of 3.48 percent. There was a reduction of 0.66 percent in the export of pharmaceutical products during the period from July to December in the last calendar year.

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Meanwhile, the exports of footwear moved high by 12.37 percent during the first six months of the ongoing fiscal year. The exports of engineering items increased by 7.5 percent during the period under review. The export of carpets went up by 14.16 percent and the export of sports items went up by 26.2 percent during the first half of this financial year.

While announcing the budget of this fiscal year, the government had announced a number of incentives for the export-oriented industries including reduction of duty and taxes on import of the raw material to be used by the export industries and resolving the Liquidity issues, etc. More, the devaluation of the rupee and increasing global demand also played a positive role in enhancing the exports of the country.

The export of rice increased by 10.73 percents percent. The export of basmati rice went high by 33.14 percent in value and non-basmati rice increased by 3.77 percent. The export of spices increased by 26.67 percent, oil seeds nuts by 325 percent, meat, and its products by 1.05 percent, vegetable by 14.30 percent, fruits by 11.13 percent, tobacco by 37.4 percent, cement by 0.59 percent, gur by 9.26 per cent during the first half of the current fiscal year.

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