No decision made to relax or tighten lockdown in Sindh: info minister

lockdown in Sindh

Syed Nasir Shah the Sindh Information Minister said that no new decision has been taken yet regarding easing or tightening of lockdown in Sindh.

On Wednesday, Minister of Information Sindh gave news of no decision made so far concerning the issue of tightening the lockdown in Sindh. The Sindh government has neither relaxed the lockdown nor tightened it.

After reviewing the whole situation and after consulting with the federal government, the Sindh government would be able to take any decision of whether to ease lockdown or tightened it. The provincial minister said, “Shops and different small businesses should be opened by taking all precautions and following the Standard Operating procedure issued by the Sindh government”.

Coronavirus is still present among us but most of the public is careless without having any idea of painful suffering, for this, the minister said;

“It is better that we take all precautionary measures and not leave our homes unnecessarily. No vaccine for the coronavirus has been invented so far, the only way to avoid it is to take precautions. We will protect not only ourselves but our loved ones as well”.

He added that the Sindh government is aware of every problem of all transporters and the business community and that all problems would be resolved soon but opening everything at once is difficult right now due to the present worsening situation.

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