Nation celebrates the 143rd birth anniversary of Allama Iqbal today

Allama Iqbal

Today on 9th November is Pakistan’s National Poet’s 143rd birth anniversary and the Pakistani nation observed the Allama Iqbal day with traditional zeal, enthusiasm, and fervor across the country.

President Dr Arif Alvi and Prime Minister Imran Khan paid rich tributes to the great poet, philosopher and thinker on the occasion of his 143rd birthday. The President has asked the people to follow his teachings of Islam, which created great enthusiasm for the creation of Pakistan.

In a message, the president said, “It is a high time to stand united, set aside our differences and work committedly for the socio-economic uplift of the country. Let us pledge on this day to work for the unity of Muslim Ummah, and progress and prosperity of the country.”

While Prime Minister Imran Khan also conveyed a message on the occasion by saying that it is the responsibility of everyone to play their role in the building of the nation while exploring thoughts of the Poet of the East.

Iqbal’s Manzil (the birthplace of Allama Iqbal in Sialkot) carries historical pictures of Sir Iqbal and his family and books on Iqbaliyat. A large number of people, mostly students visited there to pay homage to great poet and philosopher where students took a keen interest.

Iqbal Manzil has been tastefully illuminated on the eve. While Sialkot exporters will also pay homage to Allama Iqbal by cutting his birthday cake there during a special birthday cake cutting ceremony scheduled to be held at the Iqbal Manzil to be hosted by Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI).

The prestigious ceremony will be hosted by SCCI President Qaisar Iqbal Baryar where he will highlight the philosophy of Iqbal. An exhibition of rare books and pictures of Allama Iqbal would be held at the Iqbal Manzil. People will visit the graves of parents and other family members of Allama Iqbal at Imam Sahib Graveyard Sialkot. Fateha will also be offered there.

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