Maria B Never Enjoyed Fashion Weeks And Their Fakeness

Maria Butt

In a recent interview with Maria Butt, the owner of the top Pakistani clothing brand, Maria B, she shared her thoughts towards the fashion industry and expressed her satisfaction with her own work.

Maria B has around 40 stores across Pakistan. The label’s repertoire extends from multiple collections of unstitched suits to pret, formal-wear, bridal-wear at a lower price than what most designers charge, accessories, and a just-launched jewelry line.

A few days ago, she posted some images with a Turkish actress whom she hired as the model for the new collection that will be launching soon.
However, her interview covered many different topics.

She started as, “When I started out 21 years ago, there was a point when I felt very disheartened,” recounts Maria. “I felt that fashion critics were constantly overlooking my work and refusing to acknowledge me. It was also a tough time for me personally. I was a young mother and had just gone through a divorce. My mother told me back then that I had to focus just on what I loved to do and ignore everything else. That’s what I have done.”

Then Maria B discussed women who actually make money from her collection, “I know that a lot of these women buy suits from us in bulk, at wholesale rates,” says Maria. “Then, they either sell them at the usual price that we charge and earn some profit or sometimes, if it’s a popular print, they’ll charge extra.”

She has opted out of the fashion weeks. She feels that she doesn’t need the media coverage of a fashion show now that customers are well-acquainted with her work. “I never enjoyed fashion weeks. I felt drained out by all the fakeness around me”, said Maria.

In the end, she concluded by saying, “I feel no need to tell awards committees about how good my brand is,” Maria points out. “All I need to do is convince my customers.”

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