Life of New Zealanders in Alert Level 1

Alert Level 1

After declaring the country coronavirus free, New Zealand is moving towards COVID-19 Alert Level 1 which means there will be fewer restrictions that lead another new way of living in New Zealand. The citizens are well prepared for Level 1 as everything was crumpled by the coronavirus.

These are the order and changes from government officials for Alert Level 1 which every citizen needs to follow.

  • All the restrictions which were imposed on the business and services community are going to be lifted.
  • No physical distancing rule is going to apply anymore and you can also gather in public places as a ban on gathering is also lifted.
  • Crowds can go to watch any match in a stadium.
  • Public sport can also resume without restrictions.
  • Churches are also open and citizens can go to church freely.
  • No physical distancing is required on airplanes and in public transport.
  • New Zealanders, permanent residents, and their families can enter into the country, apart from that if anyone is entering the country then they must follow the quarantine system.
  • Increase hygienic environment is expected from all the New Zealanders.

Furthermore, if you are sick, you stay at home. If you are having some cold or flu then immediately call your doctor. Although COVID-19 is controlled as per the government there will be more cases likely.

So to prevent the virus you need to wash your hands, during coughing or sneezing use your elbow to cover the particles from spreading into the air. If your doctor or authorities say to go for self-isolation then do it immediately. Always keep track of where you have been and stay alert.

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