Land grabbing category introduced in Pakistan Citizen Portal

The exclusive category has been included in Pakistan Citizen Portal (PCP), under the supervision of PM in order to receive and pursue complaints on land grabbing. 

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Imran Khan included exclusive category in Pakistan Citizen Portal (PCP). He announced that the federal government, apart from making efforts to improve public service delivery, was determined to control land grabbing in the country. According to an official statement, he has ordered strict actions as per law at various levels of the administrations both at the federal and the provincial levels. 

“To facilitate the public at large, the Prime Minister during live telephonic interaction held on 4 April, 2021 had been pleased to announce provision of an exclusive category on PCP for lodging complaints pertaining to land grabbing/Qabza Mafia,” read the official statement. 

“Complaints referring to the issues that involve court cases shall not be entertained as per provisions of the PCP-Manual,” added the statement issued by the Prime Minister’s Office. “Complaints of overseas Pakistanis shall be looked into as a PRIORITY.” 

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The statement further said that the provision of the new category will facilitate the public in lodging complaints about their lands being grabbed and also will blow the whistle on the state land being encroached upon or gabbed by the mafia. 

Additionally, the statement added, it will help the authorities stay in touch of the grey areas of administration concerning to the issue, get analysis for policy formulation, evaluate performance and efficiency of the concerned officers and hold them answerable in case of negligence or carelessness. 

Consequently, the prime minister directed that all chief secretaries will have to hold meetings with heads of the concerned departments, development authorities, commissioners, RPOs, DCs, and DPOs to sensitize them about significance of the matter and complaints. 

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