Lahore to combat environmental hazards with IoT based smart trees

smart trees

The first-ever city of Pakistan, Lahore is going to have Internet-of-Things (IoT) based smart trees of environmental benefits.

The Lahore Central Business District Authority (LCBDA) has made a decision to transform St Mary’s Park on the Gulberg Main Boulevard into a smart garden having approximately a dozen smart trees.

LCBDA CEO Imran Amin informed the media that the authority is looking forward to mounting these smart trees in St Mary’s Park close to the Central Business District site. Each tree of this Dutch technology prodigy will make as much oxygen as 10 big size trees and assist to improve the environment of the area.

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He further revealed that these IoT based trees will cost about $20,000 to $25,000 per unit have environmental remunerations of the small forest right in mid of the city and new fascination in the city.

Meanwhile, the inventors of these smart trees declare these trees can demonstrate a game-changer as these vertical units are enclosed in moss and lichens which have a huge surface area to captivate nitrogen dioxide, particulate matter, and ozone.

The estimations show that a single smart tree structure has the environmental remunerations of 275 urban trees, and taking up 99% less space and at just 5% of the cost.

Besides this, these miraculous trees are armed with pollution sensors and need minute maintenance: through the internet of things, nutrient levels, soil humidity, and overall plant health are checked and attuned accordingly.

Creator guesses each unit will get 240 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually. Up to now, these trees have been mounted in many cities in countries, like France, Norway, Germany, Belgium, Macedonia, and Hong Kong.

Additionally, updating regarding the Central Business District project, he underlined that the authority has settled to initiate Tech District in the coming week. The suggestion for the ground-breaking ceremony of the Tech District has already been completed.

Almost certainly, Prime Minister Imran Khan or Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar will lead the ground-breaking ceremony.

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