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Karachi could completely sink into the ocean by 2060, warn experts

Karachi 2060

The experts cautioned Karachi could be totally flooded by 2060 if the existing trajectory of rising sea levels continues, said the British High Commission. 

As per the report, Karachi temperatures this year have previously been the maximum in 74 years and by 2030, property destruction because of coastal storm surges and rising sea levels is set to upsurge tenfold. 

The UK-hosted COP 26 climate conversion conference starts with Pakistan and UK salaried carefully on a greener future for the planet. The British High Commission says the 26For26 campaign continues to smash its target of having 26 Pakistani companies commit to halving emissions by 2030 and getting to net-zero by 2050. Twenty-eight companies have so far signed up. 

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Since Pakistan is the 8th most susceptible country in the world to climate change. By the year 2100, increasing temperatures mean 36 percent of glaciers along the Hindu Kush & Himalayan range will be gone. The acute condition of Pakistan needs to take in action now, alongside the rest of the international community. If the matter was not treated urgently Karachi could sink come 2060.

Moreover, the UK is functioning closely with Pakistan regarding climate change and will deliver £7 million this year in award funding and practical support to help Pakistan attain its climate change goals. 

The Risk-Informed Early Action Partnership has been joined by over 40 countries and organizations with the aim to make one billion people safer from disaster by 2025. By agreeing up to the Race to Zero, over 3,000 companies and 170 investors, have dedicated themselves to splitting productions by 2030 and attaining net-zero emissions by 2050 at the latest, with translucent and healthy action plans.

According to UK’s G7 Presidency, the first net-zero G7 adage all countries obligate to deep release reduction targets in the 2020s and extinguish to aiding fossil fuels & coal power this year.

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