Karachi Celebrates 1st Anniversary of Pakistan’s First Online Antique Cars Museum with Grand Parade

Karachi Celebrates 1st Anniversary of Pakistan's First Online Antique Cars Museum with Grand Parade

In a delightful celebration marking the first anniversary of Pakistan’s First Online Antique Cars Museum, a magnificent parade of approximately 30 antique cars traversed the streets of Karachi. The procession commenced from Old Clifton and meandered past numerous iconic historic buildings and monuments, culminating in the Old City. 

Shoaib Qureshi, the visionary founder of the Antique Cars Museum, expressed his enthusiasm on this momentous occasion, stating, “Antique cars are not only a part of art and culture, but they also contribute to promoting the soft image of a country. Our online museum showcases the finest antique cars and their passionate collectors.” 

He further added, “We regularly organize events and curate exclusive content. Antique cars hold an undeniable charm that appeals to individuals of all ages and genders. They captivate attention and bring smiles to everyone’s faces.” 

The antique cars parade through the historic areas of Karachi and their passage alongside ancient buildings and monuments aimed to convey the message that historic and antique treasures, when preserved and cherished, can endure for a lifetime. Qureshi emphasized the need for similar care and preservation of the country’s architecture and art. 

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It was fascinating to witness antique cars in the parade that were nearly as old as the monuments they passed by. Despite the challenges, our dedicated car collectors ensure the well-being of these vintage treasures. Qureshi urged for the same level of devotion and attention to be given to the preservation of the country’s architectural heritage and artistic legacy. 

The anniversary celebration highlighted the enduring allure of antique cars and their ability to evoke nostalgia, appreciation for craftsmanship, and a connection to the past. The event showcased the passion and dedication of antique car collectors and aimed to instill a sense of pride in Pakistan’s rich automotive heritage. 

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