Japan and Pakistan’s PM Youth Program Launch Joint Paid Internship Initiative for Pakistani Students

internship program for pakistan in japan

The Government of Japan, in a collaborative effort with Pakistan’s PM Youth Program, has announced a paid internship initiative tailored specifically for Pakistani students. The program is being implemented to assist Japanese Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) that are eager to attract global talent but are hindered by a lack of professional networks and experience in managing international professionals. 

The “METI Japan Internship Program” aims to resolve this predicament by encouraging foreign university students and worldwide talent to gain practical work experience within Japanese companies. Participants will familiarize themselves with professional responsibilities in the Japanese context through these internships. 

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Japan is offering three distinctive types of internships this year: 

  1. Commuting Internships (A/A2 Course): Participants will commute daily to the host company, encouraging face-to-face interactions and facilitating effective communication with colleagues and supervisors. 
  1. Online Internships (B/B2 Course): This allows participants to garner work experience remotely, a boon to companies with global expansion ambitions and to foreigners wishing to avoid immigration procedures. The internship will enable locale-specific surveys. 
  1. Visiting Internships (C Course): Designed for participants from overseas, this internship involves daily commutes from a residential facility located near the internship site, offering an enriching combination of professional experience and exposure to Japanese culture and lifestyle. 

Eligibility for the program requires proficiency in either Japanese or English and the applicant should be aged between 20 and 40 years as of 31 August 2023. Interested candidates can apply directly via the official METI Japan Internship Program’s website. 

The application timelines for the internship slots are as follows: 

  • Summer Internship: Mid-May 2023 to late June. 
  • Winter Internship: Mid-August 2023 to late September. 

The program presents a rare opportunity for individuals seeking a unique international professional experience. As the world’s third-largest economy, Japan provides an ideal platform for educational and professional advancement. 

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