Interim CM of Punjab orders launch of app for reuniting lost persons

Interim CM of Punjab orders launch of app for reuniting lost persons

The interim chief minister of Punjab, Mohsin Naqvi, has urged officials to expedite the launch of the public app of Punjab police, Mera Pyara, which is aimed at reuniting lost individuals with their families, especially children, elderly persons, and those suffering from dementia and schizophrenia. 

The app will include comprehensive biodata, photos, fingerprints, and ID card and B-form details of lost individuals, along with their family members’ information. In addition, DNA tests of lost persons and their families will be conducted to verify their identity. 

To facilitate the initiative, data on lost persons in Punjab police stations, orphanages, Dar ul-Aman, and other institutions will be uploaded to the app. Citizens can report lost individuals via cell phones, front desks, security centres, and service centres. 

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Naqvi lauded the Lahore Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) for his efforts in reuniting a lost child with his family after six years. The child had been waiting for his family at the Gujranwala Child Protection Bureau for six years, as the father had passed away while searching for him. 

During his visit to Gujranwala, Naqvi instructed the police to locate the child’s family. He also urged officials to ensure the efficient functioning of the Mera Pyara app to help bring more lost individuals back to their loved ones. 

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