Instagram Stories are getting some new fonts

Instagram Stories

The Instagram stories are very popular and they have even overtaken the pioneer of stories; Snapchat. Users watch Instagram stories more than stories on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Snapchat. Mostly what users do is copy Instagram stories to Facebook stories.

Both social media giant keeps on adding new features for their users to keep them engaged. During this pandemic coronavirus, Instagram has launched multiple additions to their app like augmented reality (AR) effects, stay home stickers, gift cards, etc. An increase in user engagement has been seen after these updates.

Now Instagram is going for another change in its popular story feature. They are releasing new font styles for their stories along with some background effects to help out the text visibility.

The font style is being tested with a small group and expected to come after finalization. Instagram teased users by giving some information last week by posting a picture that said “new fonts coming to story feature soon” and “we are testing this with a small percentage of people. Stay tuned for updates.”

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