Artificial Intelligence impact on the world system

Artificial Intelligence

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the intelligence of humans transferred into the machine via programming to think and act like a human. The main aim of Artificial Intelligence is observing the situation, set goals, and taking actions that will help in achieving a target.

Artificial Intelligence is the future and whether somebody dislikes this technological change or not the future of mankind is reshaping. In this article we will explain about Artificial Intelligence, and what changes this technology will bring into our lives.

What is AI?

A machine interacting with humans through sensors, taking a decision based on analysis, and thinking without the interaction of human involvement. It is the stimulation of human intelligence. The ability of computers or controlled robots to perform a task that normally a human is capable of.

AI is not a very recent phenomenon although modern technology did boost this field it was started back in the 1950s when John McCarthy coined the term “Artificial Intelligence” in 1956. Back in those days, different scientists were researching in this field and they even used intelligent machines to solve math’s related problems.

Although, today’s AI is much stronger than that in the past, but from scientists’ point of view it still lags. The researchers consider that it will take many more years to reach the level where we wanted it to be. This AI is not fully functional; the AI can only do what was learned by it. It cannot copy the human brain as the brain has a complex neural system and there are billions of neurons interlinked with each other so in reality it cannot be replicated.

AI involves three concepts, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Neural Network. After AI the next concept is Artificial Super Intelligence, which is thought to be smarter than all humans.

The Siri by Apple and Amazon’s Alexa are basic examples of Artificial Intelligence.

There are some downsides as well as this technology but not as many as people think. By using this technology we can improve our living style immensely. One of the most benefited fields would be healthcare, education, and laws.

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