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Instagram introduces technology to help verify the age of users in UK & EU

Instagram age

The social networking site Instagram is releasing a functionality that will assist in determining the age of its users in the EU and UK as part of a significant safety update. 

The technology has been introduced in the UK. Users who attempt to update their date of birth from under 18 to over 18 on the application will need to upload their national ID or display a selfie video that will be processed by AI. 

According to Instagram, the new strategy will make sure that users only see content on the platform that is acceptable for their age. 

To make an account on the photo- and video-sharing app, users must be at least 13 years old. 

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Instagram specified on its website that “accounts that represent someone under the age of 13 must clearly mention in the account’s bio that the account is handled by a parent or manager.” 

The site further stated, “If your child is under 13 and has an account that is not under your management or that of a manager, you can explain them how to cancel their account.” 

Campaigners for online safety have long called for this functionality. Due to concerns that children would be exposed to potentially harmful content on these platforms, several individuals have expressed opposition to the proposal. After years of fighting, age verification is now conceivable. 

Instagram partnered with Yoti, a UK company with experience in age estimation technologies. 

The Yoti algorithm examines facial traits when analyzing selfie videos. When it comes to a conclusion, it discloses Instagram’s approximate age. The site stated that Yoti’s algorithm just estimated the user’s age and did not do facial recognition. 

Additionally, Instagram made it clear that no sensitive information, including account information, is given to the tech company during the process. According to the giant owned by Meta, Instagram and Yoti both instantly remove the pictures when a guess is made. 

Instagram tested the technology earlier this year in multiple countries. 

According to Tara Hopkins, Instagram’s public policy director, “We want everyone to enjoy Instagram in a way that’s suitable for their age, which means we need to know how old they are – and this is a problem across our market.” 

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