Inflation Sparks Dramatic Rise in Dropout Rate for Schools and Colleges

Inflation Sparks Dramatic Rise in Dropout Rate for Schools and Colleges

With the current economic crisis and inflation, parents are finding it increasingly difficult to afford education for their children in Pakistan. As a result, the dropout rate in government and private schools continues to rise, creating a significant challenge for the education system. 

According to officials from the Punjab Education Department, there has been a considerable increase in the dropout rate of students from the first to the eleventh grade. With private school fees becoming increasingly expensive, many parents are opting to enroll their children in government schools, which are more affordable but lack quality education. 

Statistics indicate that the dropout rate ranges from 28% to 30% for grades one to five, 40% to 50% for grades six to ten, and a staggering 60% for grades eleven and twelve. These figures highlight the severity of the crisis and the urgent need for solutions. 

Apart from economic factors, the lack of qualified teachers in government schools and the existing English medium and single curriculum system have also contributed to the problem. Due to their other government duties, teachers are unable to devote adequate time to their students, which adversely affects the quality of education. 

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Moreover, students in government schools lack access to complete study materials, further diminishing the quality of education. 

As a result, parents who cannot afford private schools or observe their children struggling in government schools are keeping their children busy with other activities, hoping that they will resume their education when the financial situation improves. 

The increasing dropout rate is a significant concern for the country, and authorities need to take immediate measures to ensure education remains accessible to all sections of society. The government must allocate more resources to the education sector, including training and hiring more qualified teachers, improving the quality of education, and providing students with adequate study materials. It is essential to address the issue before it creates a significant barrier to the country’s development and progress. 

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