Inflation skyrockets to 12.3% in December, the highest in 22 months

inflation in pakistan

Pakistan witnessed a rising swing in customer prices as inflation in Pakistan hit the roof to 12.3% in December 2021, showing the fastest pace in 22 months.

As per the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS), the Consumer Price Index (CPI) created monthly inflation augmented by 12.28% on a year-on-year (YoY) basis throughout the month of December 2021 as compared to the corresponding month of last year.

The ordinary CPI-based inflation rate in the period July-December 2021-22 over the same era of the previous year was chronicled at 9.81%.

While, on a month-on-month (MoM) basis, it weakened by 0.02% as compared to last month (November), in line with PBS data.

Moreover, the breakup figures of PBS described that the Urban CPI noted an upsurge of 12.74% on a year-on-year basis however it was amplified by 0.3% on a month-on-month basis.

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Conversely, the CPI inflation Rural, improved by 11.61% on a year-on-year (YoY) basis in December 2021 against the same month of the previous year. While, on a month-on-month basis, it deteriorated by 0.5% in December 2021 against November 2021.

Besides, the top few commodities (urban) which noted decline in December against the same month of the previous year comprised condiments & spices (2.63%), eggs (8.19%), chicken (14.34%), potatoes (23.96%), pulse moong (24.59%), onions (27.73%), and tomatoes (28.90%).

Likewise, rates of the top few commodities (rural) that showed a decline in December against the same month of the year 2020 included, tomatoes (30.59%), onions (29.78%), pulse moong (24.53%), potatoes (22.72%), condiments & spices (21.66%), chicken (13.43%), eggs (8.03%) and vegetables (1.15%).

The top few commodities (urban) which chronicled rise in charges in the month under evaluation comprised construction input items (11.35%), motor vehicle accessories (13.82%), washing soap/detergents/match box (16.57%), cleaning and laundering (20.37%), footwear (26.87%), motor fuel (39.68%), electricity charges (59.38%), liquefied hydrocarbons (72.38%), sugar (13.28%), gur (14.13%), beans (14.28%), milk (14.46%), wheat flour (19.12%), gram whole (20.13%), meat (20.4%), fruits (29.93%), pulse masoor (33.56%), vegetable ghee (56.33%), cooking oil (59.33%), adn mustard oil (60.77%).

Similarly the charges of top few commodities (rural) which showed rise in the month under consideration comprised mustard oil (57.78%), vegetable ghee (55.47%), cooking oil (57%), gram whole (26.72%), pulse masoor (26.81%), fruits (25.83%), wheat flour (19.29%), meat (19.72%), beans (14.44%), sugar (13.77%), besan (12.49%), gur (11.71%), milk (10.07%), electricity charges (59.38%), liquefied hydrocarbons (55.56%), motor fuels (38.43%), hosiery (16.89%), woolen readymade garments (14.13%), woolen cloth (13.91%), washing soaps, detergents and match box (16.85%), cleaning and laundering (12.19%),  furniture and furnishing (12.49%), motor vehicles accessories (12.09%) and readymade garments (11.40%).

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