Unprecedented Disciplinary Action Within Pakistan Army Sees High Ranking Officers Dismissed

Unprecedented Disciplinary Action Within Pakistan Army Sees High Ranking Officers Dismissed

In a groundbreaking development, the Pakistan Army has announced the dismissal of three high-ranking officials, including a lieutenant general, following their inability to prevent violent protesters from breaching military facilities on May 9, as disclosed by the lead military spokesperson on Monday. 

The dismissals are part of a larger disciplinary campaign involving 15 additional military personnel, which includes three major generals and seven brigadiers. 

Major General Ahmed Sharif Chaudhry, the Director General of Inter-Services Public Relations, revealed during a press conference that an extensive internal investigation into the May 9 events resulted in charges being brought against 18 officers. The officers being investigated include a lieutenant general and three major generals. 

The spokesperson highlighted that the events of May 9 led to two rigorous institutional inquiries. Each inquiry was overseen by officers at the level of major general. 

“Disciplinary measures have been implemented against those responsible for failing to secure and uphold the sanctity of the garrisons and Jinnah House,” Chaudhry declared. 

Chaudhry further stated that disciplinary action targeted those officers who could not safeguard the sanctity and security of cantonments, military establishments, GHQ, and Jinnah House. 

Following the inquiries, it was decided through a thorough court of inquiry that three officers, including a lieutenant general, should be relieved of their duties. Stringent disciplinary measures were also enacted against 15 officers, including three major generals and seven brigadiers. 

Chaudhry reaffirmed that the Pakistan Army and its leadership were well aware of the events that transpired on May 9. He emphasized that the Army holds itself accountable without discrimination, with greater responsibility resting on those in higher positions. 

“A hundred and two individuals associated with the events of May 9 are undergoing trials in military courts under applicable law,” the spokesperson stated. 

Chaudhry maintained that all individuals involved in the planning and execution of the May 9 events will be penalized under Pakistan’s Constitution and law, irrespective of their affiliations with any organization, political party, or social status. 

According to the spokesperson, evidence collected during the investigations revealed that the violent outbreaks on May 9 had been planned over a period of months. He indicated that further action is expected against the individuals found responsible for the incident. 

Chaudhry also mentioned that certain family members of retired generals are currently undergoing the same accountability process based on concrete evidence. 

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“Seventeen military courts are presently operating and handling cases under the army act,” Chaudhry revealed to the reporters. 

Expressing his profound sorrow over the tragic incidents of May 9, Chaudhry reiterated that the army, veterans, and families of the martyred were deeply aggrieved. He also called into question whether the perpetrators of the incidents were willing to dishonor the sacrifices of the martyred for their political motives. 

Chaudhry underscored that the Pakistan Army does not represent an elite group but includes all units, schools of thought, and classes. 

In concluding remarks, Chaudhry warned that the internal turmoil could make way for external aggression if not curtailed. He further stated that the Pakistan Army has always been a positive force in maintaining national economic and political stability. 

Finally, addressing the security scenario, Chaudhry revealed that the security forces had conducted over 13,000 intelligence-based operations against terrorists and their facilitators this year, which led to the arrest or detention of 1,172 terrorists. During this time, 95 officers and personnel were martyred. 

Chaudhry also called out the Indian aggression along the Line of Control (LoC) and urged the international community to take immediate notice of the Indian atrocities in occupied Kashmir. 

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