Imran Khan Declares Legal War Against Police For ‘Home Invasion’

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Imran Khan, the leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), has vowed to take legal action against the police who broke into his house and looted his possessions while his wife and servants were at home. Speaking to the nation via video link after facing court in Islamabad and the police search of his house, Khan said he had consulted his legal team over the matter and would lodge a case against the policemen who attacked his house. He accused the police of committing contempt of court and asked who allowed them to break his house’s gate. 

Khan claimed that the government and powerful circles wanted to shift him to Baluchistan and put him in jail until the elections. He alleged that the police started lobbing teargas shells before he arrived at the court and that their plan was to create a ruckus in the judicial complex. Khan said the police tortured PTI supporters who entered the complex, adding that they wanted him alone in the complex, where they had planned to shift him to Baluchistan or murder him. 
Khan also accused the Punjab caretaker government of appointing police officers who attacked them on May 25 and blamed the decision-makers for the storm to come.

He claimed that the police had blocked their ways to hold election rallies, imposed Article 144 when the party started the election campaign, and lobbed teargas shells. Khan said they wanted to enrage them, and their sole purpose was to delay the elections. He added that they lost 30 out of 37 by-polls and wanted to evade the upcoming elections in Punjab and KP. 

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Khan said that PTI was making a nation out of ethnicities in the country and that the nation was beginning to stand against oppression. He claimed that the nation had decided to embrace death but not slavery. Khan also said that the PTI would stage a rally at Minar-e-Pakistan on Wednesday, which would be a referendum to see where the nation stands. 

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