How McDonald’s cryptic ‘Podina Le Aun’ message became a marketing misfire

McDonalds Podina

Almost all Pakistanis received a cryptic message from McDonald’s, asking a simple question, “podina ly aun??” and people were unable to make any sense of it.

Pakistanis were left scratching their heads on Tuesday when they received a message from the fast food company, asking if they wanted it to bring over mint leaves (podina), no one’s sure if it’s some marketing tactic or a mistake.

The whole joke is revolving around one phrase, “podina ly aun??” and the whole country is making even more jokes on it. One man didn’t just want mint leaves, he gave them his whole grocery list. 

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“Nahi Janu McDonald’s Podina nahi laao. 1 meethi Bread, 12 desi Anday, 1KG Aaloo, 1 Yakni ka Sachet, 1 pao hari mirch, aadha kilo Dahi, 1KG bakray ka Gosht, 1 KG Chicken” 

“Someone got the feeling the person behind the message was a mom pleaser. “Why @McDonalds is asking everyone ke “Podina le ayun?” The person behind this is clearly trying to please moms out there” 

“The McDonalds intern mass-texted all of Pakistan when he just wanted to ask his mom about some podina, the poor guy” 

“Just received a very random message from McDonalds that said “Podina le Aun??”- did the marketing guy accidentally send the wrong message to everyone?” 

“I have not recieved fhat McDonald’s “Podina Lay Aon” message, says a lot about the kind of relationship I have with them. Always a @kfc pk baby” 

However, it is being said that possibly it is a marketing campaign but it seems pretty weird. Brands have been using the strangest strategies to get people’s attention and McDonald’s is no different.

Many are seeing it as an advertising blunder and the campaign has certainly made everyone perplexed.

Days after the bizarre text message by McDonald’s Pakistan, the fast food company put out a social media post advertising their new mint wrap.

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