FIA acquires modern face recognition technology to stop criminals from fleeing

FIA acquires modern face recognition technology to stop criminals from fleeing

Federal Investigation Authority acquired modern face recognition technology cameras at Karachi Airport to stop the criminals from fleeing abroad. FIA immigration officers have already expedited the efforts to functionalize the facial recognition system

In order to catch the criminals, face recognition cameras will be installed at Jinnah International Airport Karachi by the FIA immigration officials. As per sources the facial recognition system will help the officials to catch the suspects to catch the criminals whose names are not listed in exit control list.

The face recognition cameras will work by ringing the bells when a suspect would walk in front of cameras which would assist FIA to catch the criminals. It was further revealed that FIA will deploy special Intelligence team to use the modern cameras and investigation institutions will be able to catch the criminals in timely fashion.

It has been reported by an official from FIA on the condition of anonymity that in this modern age of technology FIA lacks the basic technologies. It was further told that how can FIA entertain the cybercrime reports of citizens when they neither have offices to sit nor computers to operate.

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According to the latest bill, FIA will have the authority to impose fines or imprisonment or sometimes both on controversial social media accounts, but the federal government has miserably failed to improve the conditions of the system and the institute itself.

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