Google Lens features updated for better productivity at home

Google Lens

Google lens is a very helpful tool to do something while you are working and learning from home. The new features will help users to become more efficient.

Now Copy text from paper to your laptop

Previously, Google Lens was able to copy from paper and quickly paste it on your phone in order to save your time. Now you can copy the selected text with Lens in just a single tap “copy to computer” for a quick transfer to another device that is signed in to chrome.

This function is literally saving time as you can copy text from written paper and pasting it on computers and laptops without writing them again.

In order to avail this feature, there are two main things you need to keep in mind while copying text from paper, make sure that you have the latest version of chrome and both devices must be signed in with the same Google account.

Learn new words and how to pronounce them

As people are quarantined in these days they are killing time with learning new stuff, People are learning new languages and that is why surge in searches have been observed related to learning a new language. So most probably if you are learning some new language then Google Lens has a great tool to convert language by pointing your camera at the text and convert it in any language.

Also, learn how to pronounce word if you are having difficulty while reading any complicated word by just taping to the listen button. First listen the word and then try to read it. It is currently available on Android app only.

Now it is easier for Google to convert complex phrases that you didn’t understand while reading a book or in a newspaper.

Google Lens is available in Apple Store and on Android as well.

As we already know what Google Lens can do, here is another great feature that Google Lens has for its users, if you are shopping online and got a picture of clothing suit then upload it on Google and Google will find out related suits that are being uploaded by other sellers.

Google Lens also analyzes your surroundings upon launching your camera and pointing it around room.

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