Gatherings the main cause of Covid-19 spread: PM’s aide

Covid-19 Gatherings

On Wednesday, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on National Health Services (NHS) Dr. Faisal Sultan called public gatherings the main cause of the spread of covid-19.

While briefing the Senate Standing Committee on NHS, Dr. Sultan claimed SOPs were being followed by all educational institutions to limit the spread of coronavirus.

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However, the committee while discussing a matter of public importance, headed by PPP Senator Sikandar Mandhro, recommended that the Ministry of NHS take measures to make wearing masks mandatory and to make sure the availability of masks to the public for free or at least take steps to ensure their affordability.

PTI Senator Zeeshan Khanzada raised the topic in committee to discuss the public importance, titled ‘Outbreak of Coronavirus and Precautionary Measures in Pakistan’.

Moreover, COVID-19 cases have risen by 2.4pc which is not highly alarming but should be taken seriously, NHS ministry informed senators. Dr. Sultan said the provinces should take stringent measures against public gatherings and to ensure Covid-19 SOPs are implemented.

Dr. Faisal Sultan further said, “We have to carefully allocate resources for vaccination as Pakistan does not have sufficient resources to invest in all the global vaccination efforts. The advantage Pakistan has is that our polio vaccination teams can quickly and efficiently inoculate the population, though unlike polio, it will not be a simultaneous, mass effort.”

“The threat of the Covid-19 pandemic is very real and ever-present. Continued caution and stringent adherence to Covid-19 [standard operating procedure] are crucial to ensure the current situation stays under control. Without vigilance from every member of the general public, and continued pressure from the government, this disease could spread easily and wreak havoc,” he said.

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