FBR okays AJCL (Pvt) Ltd for Track & Trace System of specified goods


The Federal Board of Revenues (FBR) has completed the evaluation process of granting license and chose AJCL Private Limited for an IT-based solution for electronic monitoring (Track and Trace System) of the production of certain industrial goods.

The period of this license will be five years. Out of 11 bids, 8 were initially qualified on a technical basis. The technical scores were awarded on the basis of specified evaluation criteria. Technical scores of all technically compliant bidders were displayed for all concerned to see before the opening of the financial bids.

The opening of financial bids took place on 1st February at FBR House, Islamabad. All 8 technically compliant applicants were present at the occasion. The bids were opened publically by the 7-member licensing committee, headed by Karamullah Khan Chaudry. Cumulative (technical and financial) scores of all the 8 qualified applicants were derived.

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As a result of the FBR exercise, M/s AJCL/Authentix/MITAS was declared as “the most advantageous bid” for implementation of the Track & Trace System on the basis of the combined highest score in accordance with the Licensing Rules 2019 and PPRA rules 2004.

The Federal Board of Revenues has called it a game-changer as it will enhance the revenues and curb counterfeit products in the market. It has been planned to install it from July this year.

After the installation of this technology, there would be video surveillance for electronic monitoring of the production on a real-time basis. The production of items, manufactured in certain industries will be monitored through intelligent video surveillance and video analytics by the installation of equipment like video cameras and sensors, etc. at production lines.

No person would be allowed to remove the production from the premises unless it has undergone the process of intelligent video surveillance. The manufacturers of the specified goods will buy the video monitoring equipment only from the authorized vendor.

The equipment, being purchased by the authorized vendor must include the high definition camera and sensor with quality of the recording and counting the production, ability to weigh the product in the bags, ability to integrate with the software, recommended by FBR which will be used for transmission of data to the central control room.

The equipment must conduct the video analytics and communicate results to the central control room, it must report the unauthorized stoppage of production through the generation of appropriate alarm, etc.

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