Elon Musk Suspends Kanye West On Twitter For ‘Incitement To Violence’ After Swastika Post

Kanye West suspended from Twitter again incendiary Hitler comments

Twitter has again banned Kanye West due to his highly contentious remarks about Hitler, according to Twitter CEO Elon Musk.

In an interview with a host of a far-right radio show, the US rapper, who is reportedly bipolar, admitted to admiring Hitler and the Nazis.

Every person has something to offer, especially Hitler, added West, who is tired of labels. I admire Hitler.

Musk announced the suspension of his account and claimed the multiple award-winning musician had broken Twitter’s “regulation against encouragement to violence.”

Kanye West is one of several well-known Twitter accounts that were reinstated after Elon Musk gained control of the service in October.

West claims to have bipolar disorder and just provoked another issue by making anti-Semitic statements.

Kanye West ex-wife Kim Kardashian urged with her followers and the general public earlier this year to “show compassion and empathy… so we can get through this.”

In the interview, West launched into a tirade about sin, immorality, and the devil while speaking to Jones, a well-known conspiracy theorist who has supported white supremacists.

He added, “I also see Hitler’s good points. “The highways and the microphone I use as a musician were both created by this man (Hitler). You can’t publicly acknowledge this person’s nice deeds, and I’ve had enough.”

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Kanye West was challenged by Jones, who claimed that the “Nazis were thugs and did very horrible things.”

But they also took positive actions, the rapper retorted. “We need to stop always making fun of Nazis. I adore Nazis.”

Many prestigious companies have stopped working with West, and the US Republican party deleted a tweet that purported to praise the rapper following his remarks, according to the Guardian.

Due to comments believed to be anti-Semitic, the sportswear company Adidas notably broke ties with the rapper at the end of October.

Kanye West appropriated the name of the anti-racist movement, “Black Lives Matter,” and used it to promote the message “White Lives Matter” during a procession in Paris at the beginning of October.

This provoked a flood of criticism online and from numerous figures.

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