ECC to approve grant for establishing four Mother & Child Hospitals in Punjab

Mother Child Hospitals Punjab

The federal cabinet’s economic coordination committee (ECC) is going to approve a technical supplementary grant (TSG) for the establishment of four Mother and Child Hospitals (MCH) in Punjab.

Once the ECC approves grant to establish four mother, child hospitals in Punjab, the hospitals will be built in Attock, Layyah, Rajanpur and Sialkot with a total amount of Rs 23,425,960 million wherein Rs 11,712,980 million will be provided by the federal government while the provincial share will be Rs 11,712,980 million.

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Earlier, the Central Development Working Party (CDWP) approved these four projects submitted by the Punjab government which are to be funded on a cost sharing basis by the federal and provincial governments.

According to the sources, the Ministry of Planning, Development and Special Initiatives (PD&SI) has already made allocations to these schemes through adjustments in PSDP 2020-21. It also has yielded the amount of Rs 11,712, 980 million from the Covid-19 responsive and other natural calamities control programme, allowing the finance division to obtain the TSG.

Moreover, important decisions will be taken by the ECC regarding waiver of minimum of 66 percent take or pay commitment in Power Purchase Agreements (PPA), Gas Supply Agreement (GSA) of three Re-gasified Liquefied Natural Gas (RLNG) public sector power plants and the placement of firm gas commitment on the annual production plan of the power sector.

The ECC will also take up a summary of power division seeking approval of amendments to the facilitation agreement and guarantee agreement with Kot Addu Power Company (KAPCO).

It would not be out of place to mention here that cabinet division has requested concerned ministries to make sure the only necessary people attend the meeting in view of the Covid-19 situation.

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