Covid antibodies can be detected 4 weeks after vaccination: expert

Covid antibodies

According to Dr. Salman of the National Institute of Health, people who have been vaccinated may again fall victim to coronavirus but the severity of the disease may be mild this time. He said that to find out the number of antibodies after taking the two doses of Covid vaccines, an anti spike protein test could be done. If the test shows a quantity of more than 1.5, then it is positive and satisfactory. He added that after taking the two doses of vaccines, if the coronavirus attacks, in no case vaccine of any other company, should be taken.

The Global Vaccine Centre also has not yet allowed the third dose of vaccine. Dr. Salman said that the level of Covid antibodies is different according to the age group. He said that the attack of coronavirus after two doses of vaccine may be mild but this is important and necessary to be vaccinated as one can be saved from the intensity of the virus along with other kinds of diseases.

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At the international level, the reports of vaccinated people getting virus again have been appearing in the news from time to time in recent weeks but this is neither a reason to get upset nor an argument to reject to be vaccinated. If someone experiences mild symptoms after the vaccination, the vaccine is still doing well as without being vaccinated, one could fall victim to a severe attack of Covid-19 which may lead to death.

In Germany, however, there are some death cases even after the course of vaccination. The Robert Koch Institute (RTI), Germany’s Central Authority for infectious diseases says that two circumstances can lead to illness after the vaccination.

If the infections appear shortly before vaccination or in the days immediately after the vaccination. The body needs about two weeks to fully build immunity therefore full protection is only achieved two weeks after a patient has received his or her second shot.

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