Covid-19 vaccine strongly recommended for pregnant, lactating women

pregnant Covid vaccine

Pregnant and lactating women are strongly recommended to get Covid-19 vaccine as the potential benefits outweigh risks, said Dr Faisal Sultan.

On Monday, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (SAPM) on Health Dr Faisal Sultan said that women who are pregnant or lactating are recommended to go for Covid-19 vaccination.

“Viral infections are sometimes seen to be worse in pregnant women. Examples include chickenpox and hepatitis E. From information known at present, pregnant women have a higher risk for severe illness from Covid-19 when compared to non-pregnant women,” he added.

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Responding to a query regarding pregnant and lactating women being refused vaccination, he said, “Vaccination centres staff are recommended to update their information from the national guidelines and seek any clarification in case of confusions.”

In a tweet, former special assistant on health Dr Zafar Mirza said, “These 2 young women lost lives to COVID19. Both were pregnant and not vaccinated as they feared about negative effects on their babies. How tragic! PLEASE NOTE: COVID vaccines are safe in pregnancy. All pregnant should get Covid vaccine. Not getting vaccinated can be lethal.”

Moreover, last week, the news of the death of two young pregnant women was circulating on social media. The deceased were not vaccinated. Infectious diseases doctors say the complications could have been avoided if the expectant mothers had opted for vaccination.

On Sunday, Dr Samra Ali, a senior gynecologist at the Wah International Hospital, Taxila, died of Covid-19. It’s the second death of a lady doctor from coronavirus in a day.

According to the Pakistan Medical Association (PMA), both lady doctors were pregnant and not vaccinated against coronavirus. The total number of doctors lost to Covid-19 in the country now stands at 221.

“I am at a loss of words to share my sentiments. There is an urgent need to create awareness and educate women especially lady doctors that Covid vaccines are safe for pregnant women and nursing mothers.” said Dr Qaiser Sajjad of the PMA.

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