Covid-19: Uptick in cases after Pakistan reopened schools

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Since 15th September when all private and public schools and educational institutions reopened, random testing on both federal and provincial levels has been carried out where 606 new Covid-19 cases among teachers and students have been reported after 67,986 tests.

The federal education ministry has released data on how many tests have been conducted so far. Across the country, 93,928 tests have been taken. Of the total, 27.6% (25,924) of the test results are still pending. A total of 606 positive cases have been reported from the remaining 67,986 tests.

There has been the highest number of positive cases reported in Balochistan where 11.8 percent of the total tests taken came back positive for the coronavirus. 2,410 total tests were conducted at government schools in the province of which 250 tests came out to be positive.

Punjab conducted 35,507 tests. Government schools reported 35 positive Covid-19 cases while private schools reported 19 cases. Sindh has done 30,991 tests so far, of which 96 cases were reported at government schools while 54 were reported at private schools.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa reported 31 cases at both private and government schools while Azad Kashmir reported 31 cases and Gilgit-Baltistan 28.
Whereas 306,886 positive coronavirus cases were reported across the country and the death toll reached 6,424 while a total of 293,159 people have recovered from the virus.

However, the number of daily reported cases has obviously slowed down but since 15th September and after Muharram, the increase in cases has been observed.

9th and 10th standard classes, universities and colleges were opened and proper studies were started and now from 23rd September (today) all secondary classes everywhere in Pakistan except Sindh resumed. More tests are expected to be conducted.

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