Coronavirus: Deserted roads and empty food streets at night in Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi deserted roads

Coronavirus has deserted the roads and food streets of the lively city of Rawalpindi which used to remain populated up till late at night.

All the shops in food streets are showing scenes of the barren land and give a glimpse of a dystopian future. Before coronavirus, the people of Rawalpindi used to enjoy the biryani, kabab, soft drinks, shami burgers and tea/coffee along with a lot of other delicious foods up till late at night but things have become entirely different from the last 70 days.

Besides the food street of Shamsabad, there are quite old food shops of Saddar, Chah Sultan, Amar Pura, College Road, Chowk Waris Khan, Committee Chowk, Fawara Chowk, Banni Chowk, Kartar Pura, Tench Bhata, Chungi No.22, shops at some of these places are even a century old.

The very famous for their activities, rush, chatter and full of life residents, Rawalpindi is deserted now with no people in markets and empty roads at night.

People of the city are very fond of the eatables and drinks, available on the roadsides, the rates of which were quite affordable even by the lower-middle-class families. Apart from the shops, there were also several other activities like the placement of chairs on roadsides for food and tea stalls which started after 9 pm at night and continued up till 2 am after midnight.

Coronavirus has ended all the enjoyments. Although the parcel and delivery service have started yet the scenes of “Halla Gullah” are no more.

Moreover, the visits of the families at these places has almost stopped. According to the owners of the shops and stalls, their daily earnings reduced by more than half. With the hope of good days, they saved some amount so that the full-fledge actives will start again after the coronavirus.  Some customers who still come to these shops/stalls are of the view that although they still buy the foods from here, the level of enjoyment is far less as compared to eating the food here as food in parcels gets cold and loses the taste.

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