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In this short post, we have collected information about the top online tools that can help you in optimizing and compressing your images right from your browser and that too for free. Online image optimizer tools are very important tools these days, especially if you want to optimize an image for your website. If you are interested or are in dire need of compressing an image, then don’t worry, stay tuned and keep reading the details of the best apps and tools available online. You can select the one that clicks your instinct the most.  

Best image optimizer tools to compress jpg 

Here we have compared the best image optimizer tools that can help you compress jpg format. 

Image compressor tool by Duplichecker 

Duplichecker is the first trusted online image compressor on our list today. If you want to compress jpg for free without making any registrations with an online utility, then this online tool is the best option for you. This photo compressor is very easy to use, a tool that can help you reduce image size without compromising the quality of image. You can easily set the ratio of compression with the jpg size reducer. You can also reduce image file size of up to 20 images containing 5mb each! The working process of this tool is quite easy, and anyone can understand it.  


Kraken gives you a lot of choices when it comes to the compression of images. There are two types of image compressions with this online program, and the first type is the lossless compression in which the quality of the image does not tamper, but the size is reduced significantly. The second type is the lossy type; this is the type of compression in which the image suffers from a small drop in quality and also cuts down the image size by more than 90%.  This tool comes with a basic free package and then the one with a pro paid package. 

JPEG optimizer  

This is another online tool on our list today. This is amongst the most powerful solutions that you can get when it comes to compressing jpeg formats. The default compression ratio of this program is 66%; this means that you can simply down the file size by more than 60% with this tool. If you wish to resize images that are taken from mobile cameras, then you can easily do it with this application. It has many other editing options that one should know about. 


This can handle every kind of image compression, including both PNG and JPEG. You can easily compress image formats without any skills and experience with this tool. The tool has many surprising features in it, but you must know that the most intriguing one is that it can compress up to 20 images in one go. You have to make an account and register yourself with this tool for your security and privacy. This tool can compress images in less than five seconds and can provide you with a low sized and well-optimized image that you can download.  

This is yet another online tool that can help you compress jpg. You should know that you can compress jpg files by more than 67% with this tool without compromising on the quality of the image. If you have other formats of the image that you want to compress and optimize, then this tool would, first of all, do its job as a converter and convert all the formats to jpeg. Later on, it would use its compression tactics to reduce the file size of the image. This is a particularly useful program and is often used by professionals. 

Image Recycles 

This is yet another online program that can help you in compressing jpeg. If you have got multiple formats of images that you want to compress in one go, then this is the best tool for you. You can easily drag and drop multiple images in one go and compress them without any trouble. One of the helpful things about this program is that it is free and requires no registrations. You can also compress images that you have published on the website by simply putting in the image URL. You will enjoy the use of this tool for sure. 

There are many other online tools available for compression, but the ones mentioned above are the top-notch tools. You don’t have to worry about the quality and the accuracy of the compression with these programs. You have to enter the image and compress it using multiple options. Also, you should know that using these tools is important if you want to optimize and increase the page speed of your website. 

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