Companies That Are Bigger Economic Powers than Most Countries


There are some companies that have market capitalization bigger than the GDP of many countries. As there is no limitation on how much money you can make, so multinational companies keep on making money and these corporations become so much richer that they are even bigger than the combined economies of many countries.

The following are the companies whose total value is greater than many countries.


Do you want to get heavy discounts and wonder where to find them, there is only one place you can get discounts and that is Walmart. Walmart is like the owner of the discount stores in the world. They sell each and everything under one roof. Although there are some issues Walmart faced and one of them is the reported bad treatment of their workers. Because of the humongous size, wherever they go to, the small stores just diminishes. The current market capitalization of Walmart is $344.436 billion. The Hong Kong GDP is $341 billion.

Johnson & Johnson

The Johnson & Johnson primary focus is on human health and its well-being. Even though they have other sectors as well. In total, they have three segments; medical devices, pharmaceutical, and consumer.

They are mainly well known for their extensive range of baby products. While they also produce solutions for medical industries. The current market capitalization is $395.558 billion. Norway’s GDP is $399 billion.


Visa is a payment company that connects consumers, merchants, businesses, financial organizations, and governments with each other for electronic payments. Anyone who has a debit or credit card will have a Visa card. Through using Visa service you can earn points and later redeem it anywhere where Visa service is available. The market cap of Visa Inc. is $396.024 billion.

Berkshire Hathaway

The majority of us don’t know this company but the CEO of the company is a well-known personality. Warren Buffett is the CEO of this company. Berkshire Hathaway owns more than sixty companies. They focus on everything from utilities to insurance services. The market value of Berkshire Hathaway is $447.47 billion. If Berkshire Hathaway was a country then it would fit in the top 25 strong countries.


The social giant built by Mark Zuckerberg and his friends initially was a small website. The basic aim of the website was to connect people on a college campus but later on, it went all over the world. Facebook also bought WhatsApp and Instagram. The market cap of Facebook is $579.76 billion. That is more than Sweden.


Alibaba is an e-commerce giant offering services and products in publishing, gaming, entertainment, and cloud computing. The main business of the company remains in China and the market capitalization is around $520.80 billion.


The parent company of the world’s most famous search engine. The main product of the Alphabet company is Google. The other 2 main products are YouTube and Android operating system which is used in smartphones. The market capitalization of Alphabet is $907.85 billion. Which makes it richer than Turkey or Netherlands or oil-rich country Saudi Arabia.


Then comes another e-commerce giant Amazon. The invention of Jeff Bezos, who is the world’s richest man and about to become the first trillionaire. The company connects buyers and sellers from all over the world and also launched its own tablets and smartphone ranges. The market capitalization of Jeff Bezos Amazon’s is $1141.30 billion. That is more than Indonesia’s GDP.


Apple mostly is known for Mac desktop, laptops and smartphones that we all known as iPhones. The company also launched its own Apple TV. The market cap is $1.281 trillion which is more than Mexico’s.


The computer software giant was invented by a well-known person Bill Gates. Bill Gates is also the second richest person in the world. The company is best known for Windows. The renowned gaming system Xbox is also the company product. The market cap of the company is $1.363 trillion which is more than Australia’s GDP and that makes this company at 13th biggest economy in the world.

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