‘Children biggest victims of Covid-19 pandemic’

Children Covid-19

The second wave of COVID-19 pandemic has become a threat for children as the virus has a profound impact on children’s well-being, and there is an immediate need for the government to take steps.

On Wednesday, an event was organized by the Society for the Protection of the Rights of the Child (Sparc) where speakers conducted the discussion in connection with International Human Rights Day at a local hotel.

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They discussed that the Covid-19 pandemic had a profound impact on children’s well-being, and there was an immediate need for the government to take steps to address their needs in the light of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).

Special Assistant to Chief Minister of Sindh on Human Rights Veerji Kolhi while speaking about the provincial government’s efforts for children’s uplift, said approximately 47 percent of Pakistan’s total population comprised children under the age of 18. He added that Pakistan ratified the UNCRC in November 1990 but only 24 percent of its laws were in line with the convention’s requirements.

Moreover, Sajjad Ahmed Cheema, executive director at Sparc called children the biggest victims of the Covid-19 pandemic as it seriously hampered their access to education, health, nutrition, protection, and mental and physical development.

He also mentioned one of the publications of the UN according to which the current Covid-19 pandemic carries high chances to push more than 120 million South Asian children into poverty within the next six months.

One of the other participants, Dr. Seema Zia, Sindh Assembly-member of PTI said, “Pakistan stands third in the list of countries with high mortality burden of children of this age group. Keeping children at home isn’t enough to save them from the pandemic. Efforts must be made to ensure that every child is vaccinated and has access to proper healthcare and nutrition to boost their immunity levels.”

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