Changan increased Alsvin price by Rs 125,000 and Oshan X7 by Rs 400,000

Alsvin Oshan X7

Several companies in Pakistan’s auto industry have announced price increases in recent months. Changan Pakistan, like nearly every other brand, has notified price rises. New prices for the Alsvin and the Oshan X7 SUV is also announced by the Chinese manufacturer.

The company has defended the significant price hike by lambasting it on the rupee’s continual devaluation over the Us dollar, increased freight charges, and rising raw material prices, along with operational costs.

The table below displays the price increases in Alsvin and the Oshan X7 that will take effect on May 9th.

Vehicle Name                                                                   New Price                 Old PricePrice Increment
Alsvin MT ComfortRs. 2,894,000          2,769,900Rs. 125,000
Alsvin DCT ComfortRs. 3,149,000          3,024,000Rs. 125,000
Alsvin DCT LumiereRs. 3,344,000          3,219,000Rs. 125,000
Oshan X7 ComfortRs. 6,050,000          5,750,000Rs. 300,000
Oshan X7 FutureSenseTMRs. 6,350,000          5,950,000Rs. 400,000

It is important to note that the company stopped reservations in late April. Despite the second straight price rise, company officials claim that bookings are still closed.

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Changan has lately made an amazing breakthrough into the SUV market with the Oshan X7 after the very hit sedan Alsvin, which has several new features as well as CKD units for the Pakistani market.

Terms and Conditions as per the company:

• If the estimated delivery date is June 2022, and some payments are made on May 9 or before, and the Balance of Payment instrument is dated May 16, the prior rates will apply to Changan Alsvin.

• On full payment with a tentative delivery date of June 2022 or before, and a balance payment instrument dated May 9 or before, the old rates will apply for Changan Oshan X7.

• All other partial payments, new orders, and any tentative delivery month are subject to the revised Alsvin rates.

• In the meantime, new rates apply to all partial payments, full payments with a tentative delivery date of July 2022, and all new purchases with any tentative delivery month for the Oshan X7.

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