Cement sales rise 7% to 4.82 million tons in November

Cement in November

During the period from July to October, this year, the domestic sales and export of cement in Pakistan came down by 7 percent. During the month of October, the sale of cement had dropped by 9 percent. But in the last month of November, the sales of cement moved up by 7 percent year-on-year basis to 4.82 million tons.

According to the report, issued by the All Pakistan Cement Manufacturers Association (apcma) on Monday, the export of the cement decreased by 9.2 percent to 695,779 tons as compared to 766,273 tons during this month, last year. The cement factories, located in the North region sold 3.469 tons locally in November as compared to 3.129 tons during the same month, last year.

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The export of the cement from this region came down drastically by 70 percent to 55,234 tons in the month, under consideration as compared 182,091 tons last November. The factories of the Southern region showed good performance both domestically and internationally. At least 654,983 tons of cement from the North region was sold domestically which is 7 percent higher than the sales last November in which 613,113 tons of cement was sold locally.

As far as export from South region’s mill is concerned, here too is the increase by 9.65 percent to 640,545 tons in November. During the five months of the current fiscal year, the performance of the cement industry has not been encouraging as the overall dispatches came down by a 4 percent year-on-year basis to 22.86  million tons.

Local sales of cement increased by 3 percent to 20 million tons during the period from July to November, this year as compared to 19.455 million tons during this period, last year. The export of cement during the first five months came down by 35 percent to 2.853 million tons as compared to 4.384 million tons during this period, last year.

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