CDA plans more underpasses to end traffic issues in Islamabad

CDA underpasses

To overcome traffic congestion, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) is planning to construct more flyovers and underpasses.

In a bid to alleviate rush hour traffic issues in Islamabad, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has instructed the Engineering, Finance, and Planning departments to prepare a feasibility report for construction plans.

Chairing a meeting to review traffic issues being faced by citizens, CDA Chairman Amer Ali Ahmed gave the engineering wing two weeks to prepare proposals for resolving traffic issues.

CDA chairman said, “We have no issue of funding, the CDA have enough balance in its accounts. Today, I directed the engineering wing to complete conceptual plan and identify the areas where underpasses are required,” he also directed the engineering wing to identify areas where underpasses are required.

The project will reportedly be carried out in multiple phases and the first phase will include the construction of flyovers and underpasses on Margalla Road in F-10 and E-11. The project will commence in February 2021.

CDA officials in the meeting discussed traffic issues at F-10 Markaz, link point of 9th Avenue and Blue Area, F-11 area and Tramri area. The chairman CDA said it is not necessary to have underpasses on all roads, but “we will explore options”.

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“I have asked engineering wing that before proposing new underpasses, prepare a conceptual plans, but if underpasses are imperative, we will go for their construction. I believe, in some areas, with little intervention, traffic issue could be resolved without underpass,” he said.

Moreover, on 17 December, the Minister of Interior, Sheikh Rashid, ordered the removal of all security check posts from the roads of Islamabad to facilitate the flow of traffic.

Consequently, 18 of 21 check posts were immediately removed by the authorities. He told the media that the new smart patrol cars would replace the check posts.

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