CDA begins beautifying major avenues, busy intersections and green belts


Capital Development Authority (CDA) has commenced the project of beautifying major avenues, busy intersections, and green belts of the capital city with colorful and blooming flower arrangements and attractive landscaping. 

Starting from Zero Point to Faizabad, Faisal Avenue, Srinagar Highway, and Margalla Road, beds of seasonal flowers and evergreen plants were being laid on both sides of Islamabad Expressway; enhancing the beauty of the city, an official of the environment wing told the media men. 

Green belts and median strips were being decorated with different patterns of flowers including Toranta, Marva, and Melaluca, he said, adding that small and large size plants were also being planted at the area under plantation drive. 

Special arrangements were also made for the safety and maintenance of these floral beds, the official remarked. 

He added that the CDA was devoted to providing an enhanced healthy and clean environment to the people by planting more trees and flowers. 

For this purpose, the climate change ministry, he noted, was also participating with the authority in the beautification work for boosting green cover in the Federal Capital. 

Responding to a question, he said the tasks of the respective staff were being divided into different shifts to yield the desired results. 

Moreover, the environment wing of CDA has started to remove wild growth and grass, which has grown due to recent rains. 

Director General Environment Irfan Niazi said that the wild bushes and shrubs not only disturb the natural beauty of the capital city but also become breeding sites for the growth of dengue larva, so these were being removed on a priority basis and no negligence will be tolerated on that regard. 

The DG further added, “The work on beautification of the parks was also being done to provide visitors with a new joyful experience. We are also making efforts to further beautify Fatima Jinnah Park.” 

The drive to remove wild bushes and grass would continue along with the drive to plant trees on roads and highways, he maintained. 

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