‘Cardiac Magician’ Dr. Hina Chaudhary featured among top American cardiologists

Hina Chaudhary

Dr. Hina Chaudhary, renowned Pakistan origin cardiologist has been featured amongst the top science fellows by the National Institute of Health (NIH) in the United States of America.

She is known as a “Cardiac Magician” who researches cardiac regeneration in which dead heart cells after a heart attack can be regenerated. After her utmost efforts, she has been named amongst the top science fellows by National Institute of Health in the US, as per the report released on Friday.

Her research work primarily focuses on the process of the growth of new heart muscles after a heart attack. Along with her name, included in one of the top fellows by the NIH for the National Research Service Award, she has received a research grant of $2.9 million from the NIH a few months ago to extend her studies into cardiac cell rejuvenation.

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Her contribution to introducing new treatments and therapies for the repairing of the heart and other organs is highly crucial. Dr. Chaudhary has also been ranked among the top-20 most influential women in science in the Islamic world.

Hina W. Chaudhry, MD, Director of Cardiovascular Regenerative Medicine at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, is the Principal Investigator for this four-year award.

An official Facebook page of US Embassy Pakistan shared post regarding her achievements on Friday to mark an achievement for Pakistani women using hashtags #MuslimWomenInScience #MuslimsinUSA #USPAK #ThankYou!

US Embassy Islamabad also posted on Twitter, “#HealthcareHero Renowned as a “Cardiac Magician,” Dr. Hina Chaudhary, a #PakUS researches cardiac regeneration – the process of new heart muscle growth after a patient suffers a heart attack. #NationalResearchServiceAward #Top20 #Influentialwomen #MuslimWomenInScience”

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