Animal deaths in Marghazar Zoo: IHC issues contempt notice to Zartaj Gul

Zartaj Gul Marghazar Zoo

On Tuesday, the Islamabad High Court issued a contempt notice to Zartaj Gul Wazir the Minister of State for Climate Change over the death of a lion and a lioness in Marghazar Zoo.

Member of Islamabad Wildlife Management Board and Minister Zartaj Gul and others got a contempt notice over the death of lion and lioness during their transfer from the zoo to a sanctuary.

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Two animals died last week while they were being shifted from Marghazar Zoo to a sanctuary. However, the staff was accused for the death of animals as in the video that went viral fire was set in the cage, and staff used sticks to scare off the animal but instead they died of suffocation.

However, the Secretary Ministry of Climate Change Naheed Durrani admitted that Zartaj Gul takes full responsibility for the Marghazar Zoo incident but cabinet members had nothing to do with this incident.

While Justice Minallah said, “The notification for the Wildlife Board was issued after approval from the Cabinet. The court is issuing a show-cause notice to Board members. Whoever wants to say anything, can respond to the notice.”

After which Minallah asked, “Should I hold the prime minister responsible for the incident then?”

Minister replied, “The prime minister probably doesn’t even know about the incident. Unfortunately, you want to drag the prime minister into this as well.”

Then the court issued notice to Zartaj Gul and member of the Islamabad Wildlife Management Board and directed them to submit their response.
Moreover, six deer died during the transfer of animals, these included two spotted deer, one Indian gazelle, and two elks. They acknowledged that one Belgian blue cow, lion, lioness, and ostrich also died and the bird was said to be dead due to a cloth tied over its face.

However, zoologists gave their opinion that the reason behind animals’ death can be the unfavorable weather conditions.

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