Ali Zafar Foundation to distribute amongst Christians and Transgenders

Ali Zafar Foundation

Ali Zafar and his foundation were observed to be distributing Rashan amongst transgender and Christians.

On social media, Ali Zafar was observed showing the conditions on the ground when he went live on Instagram with his team members who were seen distributing Rashan in Christian and transgender communities during the lockdown situation.

On his post on Instagram, he raised voice against the rapid increase of coronavirus and uttered words to make the nation aware to avoid coronavirus infections. Shahid Afridi and Ali Zafar, both the celebrities are active in Ramzan distributing Rashan and carrying out awareness campaigns to help out the needy.

Ali Zafar Foundation has so far distributed Rashan among almost 3500 families and said, “We must make an inclusive society where everyone feels equally empowered and a part of the society, like a petal in a flower. Only then we can get rid of the thorns”.

In another social media post, posted by Ali Zafar a few days ago, a transgender by the name of Julie was highlighted who was discussing troubles faced by their community.

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