Al-Haj FAW Bumps Up the Prices of its most selling vehicles

FAW vehicles prices

Al-Haj FAW has increased the prices of its most selling vehicles which include the XP-V, V2 and Carrier pickup.

According to the reports, the FAW V2 price has been increased by Rs 35,000. After the increase, the new price is Rs 1,609,000 from Rs 1,574,000. The latest rates are valid from the 1st of September 2020.

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The other variant XP-V will be available from Rs 1,244,000 and the old price of the car was Rs. 1,209,000. The XP-V Dual A.C is standing at Rs 1,304,000 and the old price of the car was Rs 1,269,000. XP-V Dual A.C Power Edition revised price is Rs 1,344,000 with an increase of Rs 35,000.

Whereas the Carrier standard pickup, Flatbed pickup, and Deckless variant all got an increase and new prices are Rs 1,024,000, Rs 1,014,000 and Rs 1,004,000 respectively.

Despite a bump in FAW vehicles prices still, FAW V2 is quite an economical car in the 1300 cc range offered in Pakistan currently. The direct competitor of FAW V2 is Suzuki Swift which is relatively similar than V2 in most features but far more expensive in comparison.

The inner quality of the FAW V2 is also not fabulous but the car obtained the basic functions that you can expect in this price range, such as power steering, power windows, A/C, front disc brakes ABS technology and first passenger and driver side airbags.

Yes, the V2 is missing some luxurious features but so does the other high-profile companies’ variants. V2 is more likely a family budget car with great value for money.

Al-Haj FAW also increased the price back in October 2019. All the other main automakers have increased their lineup prices multiple times due to coronavirus pandemic and devalue of local currency as compared to US dollar. FAW has just for the first time during Covid-19 decided to increase its variants price and the latest increase is not tremendously high, if we compare it with other automakers.

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