91% of Pakistan’s coronavirus cases locally transmitted

locally transmitted

Coronavirus locally transmitted cases in Pakistan have reached 91 percent.

According to the World Health Organization, local coronavirus transmission in Pakistan was 81 percent last few weeks back and now it has reached 91 percent. The daily situation of increasing cases of infected patients is a witness to the notion that there is a sharp increase in locally transmitted cases of the deadly virus and imported cases in the country have fallen to 9 percent.

Even without any witnesses, the public of the country is not following standard operating procedures at all rather no precautions are being followed after some easiness in lockdown was ordered by the federal government. This is one of the major reasons that is increasing the number of total cases day by day and in this way local transmission is rapidly increasing.

Local transmission means the people within a household or the area get infected by those who have not a travel history to or from a virus-hit country. Whereas, at the very start of a novel coronavirus, pilgrims returning from Iran to their homeland brought the virus.

According to WHO, the locally transmitted highest number of cases is in Islamabad with 99 percent while, Baluchistan has 96 percent, Sindh has 94 percent, Punjab has 90 percent, KPK has 85 percent, Azad and Jammu Kashmir have 93 percent, and Gilgit Baltistan has 72 percent.

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