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8-year-old maid tortured to death for releasing pet parrots

releasing pet parrots

Child maid, Zahra Shah was tortured to death for releasing pet parrots. Human Rights Minister Dr. Shireen Mazari restated her resolve to declare domestic child labor hazardous.

Minister of Human Rights repeated to resolve the issue of domestic child labor hazardous under the Employment of Children Act, 1991. Shireen Mazari said, “In the absence of a proper law to protect domestic labor, this is the quickest way to protect children”.

This issue again raised due to the murder of an 8 years old domestic child labor, Zahra Shah. This recent case was about the killing of a little child who was domestic labor and was beaten to death by her employer for releasing pet parrots from the cage. Zahra Shah sustained injuries to her face, hands, rib cage and legs, in Rawalpindi on Sunday. She was taken to the hospital in the city but died shortly afterward.

According to the Employment of Children Act, 1991. Child under 14 years old is prohibited to get employed as it is highly unsafe and hazardous. No child can work in factories, carpet industries, and mines under 14 years.

Shareen Mazari asked the local administration, the ministry of labor, and the ministry of interior to make proper laws to guard domestic labor and domestic child labor.

Secretary Ministry of Human Rights Rabiya Javeri Agha said, “However, the constitution only restricts child labor till the age of 14 years. The first thing we must do is revisit the definition of a child in the Constitution of Pakistan to fix this discrepancy through legal intervention”.

According to the official, “Children are heavily been engaged in homes for domestic work. This is the mindset we have to deal with and change it. It could be a while before a proper law is made to protect the interests of the domestic workforce. An amendment in the existing Act 1991 is the immediate solution”.

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