73% Pakistanis believe country heading in the wrong direction, finds survey

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Around 73 percent of Pakistanis think the country is heading towards wrong direction, says survey. Pointed out the findings of a new opinion poll conducted by the IPSOS from March 18-24, 2021, with a sample size of 1,000 people. 

According to the survey, 62% identified inflation, poverty and unemployment are the biggest issues confronting the masses.  

Concerning to the country’s overall direction, 23% of Pakistanis found nothing wrong with Pakistan’s policies. However around 70% people expressed anxiety over the country’s plight and 30% found conditions satisfactory. 

Whereas, as far as economic situation of country is concerned, the national confidence looks to be declining. According to the poll, 64% described the economic conditions to be bad, 36% found them to be good. 62 percent did not respond to the query, while 27% found the economic conditions to be weakened, and 11% found them to be strong. 

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On the other hand, 41% people were disappointed with the economic conditions and doubted further deterioration. However, 32% expressed a reasonable viewpoint, 27% were hopeful that the economy will improve, and another 27% found the economy to be standing on weak foundations while 12% found themselves to be economically better off.  

61% described their economic status to be neither positive nor negative. 

Meanwhile, overall 38 percent of the sample size expressed disappointment in economic conditions in the coming next months. While 29% hoped the next six months will bring positivity on the economic front. And 33% maintained their moderate viewpoint. 

Furthermore, IPSOS found that 62% identified price increase, poverty and unemployment as the biggest issues confronting the people. In a further breakup, 32% described price increase as the biggest problem, whereas, 20% found unemployment highly disturbing and 10% termed increasing poverty as their main worry.  

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